God's Vision For Burpham Church

2107-18 Year of Care

Paula Story

Paula was married with 3 children when her husband left her. When Paula’s  children grew up and left home she was left on her own which much of the unresolved hurt of her husband leaving her. She has a deep fear of even being outside and spends most of her day lonely in her own home. The fear is like a door locked on the outside of her heart which no way of unlocking it on her own. She orders food on the internet and the children rarely visit knowing their mother’s brokenness. The church is not a consideration not only due to the fear in her heart but it seems to have no relevance to the loveless hole in her life. Paula will never therefore hear that God loved her so much that He died so she could receive healing and wholeness to her fear filled loveless empty life. The Church of the living God has the Good News to set Paula free not just in this live but for all eternity. How will God’s church in Burpham respond? That’s were we come in.

lock open door man at door


God is with us


God is love


God is Life
'Unlocking the bolt'

Have you every tried to  
change something that is 

humanly impossible? We
soon give up and lose hope!

If we knock on Paula’s door
she is unlikely to come
to the door let alone listen
to us. However prayer
brings God into the picture, Emmanuel God
with us at Paula’s door!

‘The virgin will conceive
and give birth to a son,
and they will call him
Immanuel’ (which means
‘God with us’)
 Matthew 1:23

God has the key to everyone’s heart and prayer acknowledges we can not do something but if we have faith God can. Let’s start praying for Paula
a people of prayer
we want us all to be a people who learn to pray with God’s help and who pray not just for Paula but everyone we know that God has put us with and see God’s Kingdom come!

a place of prayer
there is so much brokenness in this world we are going to need to pray day and night as a team and God’s family. We want to create a place where we can pray 24/7 all year around!

'Opening the door'


The lock maybe opened by

the faithful prayers of God’s 

Church but Paula’s door is

still shut to the world and 

the Good News of Jesus


However we all need love
and persistent love can
open any heart. “God is love”
so when His children bring 
to people God comes into their
lives and hearts.


"Instead, we were like young children among you. Just as a nursing mother cares for her children, so we cared for you."  1 Thessalonians 2:7

a people of care
we want to learn people’s
hidden needs in our
communities and meet
them with the love of Jesus,
we will need to face our
own fears! 

a place of care
we want to go to people’s
place of need but also to
create a place care where
people can come and
find real practical care.

'Inviting God in'


True healing of Paula’s 

heart can only come from 

the redeeming, saving,

healing love of God in a 

relationship with Jesus


It is not enough to be loved
we also need to hear and
respond to the Gospel of God.
God has sent His church to 
share this Good News
with the world 


Because we loved you
so much,we were delighted
to share with you not
only the gospel of God
but our lives as well.” 

1 Thessalonians 2:8

a people to share
as God’s family we want
to learn to have confidence
in Jesus the bible and the
Gospel of Christ to bring
salvation to the whole world.
We will need to find our
own way God has given
us to share to our friends
and families.

a place to share
we want to share the
Good News in the places
God has put us in life. However we also want to create places and opportunities known by everyone where they can hear and we can share the Good News of Jesus.